By 2019, Instagram ad revenue will soar to $10.87 billion, and with 200 million Instagram users actively engaging with business profiles daily, you’d better learn how to capitalize on the opportunity — and fast. If you’re not getting the ROI you were hoping for, here are the five biggest Instagram advertisement mistakes your team might be making:

1. You Don’t Have a Goal-Oriented Strategy

Look before you jump: simply developing an Instagram business profile and promoting some posts is not an ad strategy. What exactly is your goal? Are you hoping to increase brand awareness? Focus on generating captivating visuals and a relevant hashtag campaign. Looking for more web traffic? Include a link to your website in your bio and a call to action in your post (and for the sake of your conversion rate, make sure you’ve got an attractive, mobile-friendly webpage waiting for them).

2. You Don’t Have a Clear Conception of ‘Who’ You’re Marketing To.

A major perk of Instagram advertising is that you’ve got ready-made control tools that have the ability to target the location, interests, behaviors and personal characteristics of your audience. But to implement this, you first need to have a narrow target audience. In order to seamlessly break into their natural scrolling habits, you’ll need to begin to research what kind of content your audience is already interacting with. Observe which business profiles are successful, and determine where you can uniquely fill gaps.

3. Your Ad is Promotional, Rather Than Personal.

The majority of Instagram users are 18 to 29 year-olds. And here’s an (unsurprising) truth: millennials don’t like feeling as though they’re being told what to do – and can swiftly block your content. The best ads don’t really seem like ads at all, so don’t be pushy. Focus on their lives and their needs, rather than your product or your sale. Ask engaging questions that start conversations, rather than giving closed-ended answers.

4. Your Social Presence Isn’t Organic.  

Business profiles on Instagram can be interactive rather than interruptive. Focus on developing a brand image alongside promoted posts by posting regularly and interacting with users. If you solely post ads, you’re unlikely to gain followers who appreciate and engage with your content. Be sure to display your Instagram handles throughout your workspace, on your web page or other social profiles and on emails.

5. You Aren’t Making Use of Instagram Insights

If you haven’t already, take the time to learn about the capabilities of this indispensable feature, which range from gathering post engagement (and disengagement) metrics to audience demographic data. All of Instagram is a bit of an experiment – figure out what is working for your posts, followers, and stories, and what isn’t.