Making the leap from student to creative director takes a lot more finesse than one may think. To help close the gap, Sergio Belletini the VP, Creative Director at Fraser Communications, shares the top five necessary skills for anyone jumping into the creative industry.


Conceptualization, idea generation and strategy are the building blocks of any great campaign. You need to be able to, not only understand your concept but, be able to strategize and gather ideas. When a strategy takes into consideration brand values, pop culture, current events, and more, it evolves from a concept into a big idea that can support a larger campaign. Keep in mind that, although you may generate a conceptual idea, verbalizing and “selling it” are also necessary for it to succeed.


We all know digital is taking over. First, digital started small, on a computer or laptop. Today, digital is unavoidable. It’s in your hand on your phone, in your commute on a billboard, and even in your car on the monitor. Learn digital and learn it well by studying how people use information and what content motivates them.


This is an age old practice stemming from stories being passed down from generation to generation. In today’s world, storytelling is how your brand is passed from social media, vendors, friends and more to a consumer. By developing your storytelling skills, you’re making sure creative fits into the image of a brand. Make sure your stories are not only engaging to consumers, but also true to your client’s strategic direction.


“Every assignment starts with a problem,” Belletini said. “From driving traffic to raising awareness, every client will come to you with a problem that needs to be solved.”

If you are able to find solutions through your creative, you’ll be an invaluable asset to any creative team. Learn strategies and methodologies to improve your problem solving skills.


“You can’t just show me your portfolio,” Belletini said. “You need to be able to discuss it.”

Communication is key and, believe it or not, it’s a key skill to rise to the top in the creative industry. A designer can create images from behind the computer screen, but a creative director brings them to life in front of a client. Sergio recommends classes such as Toastmaster to develop speaking and presenting skills.

This blog post was inspired after Belletini attended an event in Los Angeles showcasing portfolios of recent graduates. Belletini has been the VP, Creative Director at Fraser Communications for the last eight years.