The change agency.

“Everything we do is aimed at changing behavior. Our research methodology discovers the actionable human truths that make for more compelling communications. When content is behaviorally accurate, when it’s expressed with compelling language, visuals, and sound, in the right media, at the right time, it intrigues, it becomes memorable, and like any good story, it wants to be repeated. Compelling content, based on behavioral insights, motivates audiences to become more informed on a product or issue, which changes attitudes, and increases adoption and purchase behavior. That’s what we do, and as change agents, we’re never satisfied until we’ve positively moved the needle for our clients and society.”

Renee White Fraser, Ph.D.


Founded in 1998 by a Ph.D. psychologist, Fraser Communications uncovers the human emotions that guide behaviors with the aim of changing those behaviors to achieve a clients desired goals.

Fraser has handled some of the most difficult issues of our time: energy and water consumption, nutrition, child-rearing, education, sexual diseases, women’s issues, and more. In the private sector, we have successfully branded banks, hospitals, investment software, supermarkets, automotive services, and consumer products across multiple categories. Each effort is created to drive positive awareness, engagement, sales, and the success of our clients and their organizations.