First 5 California

Our Client
First 5 California (a state agency dedicated to nurture and protect children from birth through age 5).

2014-2016 Campaign

2012 -2013 Campaign

The Challenge
Generate more awareness and understanding among mothers about how they can make healthier food choices for their youngest children, to avoid childhood obesity and related health problems.

The Insight
We’ve learned that putting the “words of action” into children’s mouths makes mothers pay more attention and take action sooner. We’ve also learned that providing simple, doable tips motivates mothers to make change.

The Solution
We created an integrated campaign that makes better nutritional choices easy and simple for everyday life. The messages are conveyed through digital and targeted traditional media vehicles as well as through experiential and social media encouraging mothers to take easy steps to provide healthier food for their families.

The Results
Our work for First 5 California runs in six languages. Message recall was 67% overall in 2012 and 86% among Latinas. 64% of parents now know more about the importance of healthier food choices for their children. And 62% say they know more than they did three years ago about the importance of reading to children.

Collectively, these campaigns also drove nearly 3 million website visits.

Finally, First 5 California’s Twitter and Facebook pages both rank in the top 10 California state agency feeds. Each week, our Facebook posts reach an average of more than one million unique visitors.