Saint John’s Health Center


Our Client
Saint John’s Health Center

The Challenge
Saint John’s Health Center is a premier hospital in Los Angeles competing against two of the strongest academic hospitals in California. How does the Health Center attract patients with these two strong and heavily marketed competitors in its backyard?

The Insight
Our Emotional Insight research determined that people feel that nurses are a critical ingredient to patient care. In the case of Saint John’s, people perceive that the nurses there are driven by a compassion code derived from the Catholic heritage of the hospital. That is Saint John’s value-add. In fact, we also learned that the best doctors in Los Angeles choose to practice at Saint John’s because they have the best nurses as well as access to the latest technology, a collaborative culture and research on a much more intimate scale. This enables them to practice and deliver the best possible care.

The Solution
Our positioning for Saint John’s, “Breakthrough Medicine. Inspired Healing ”™, epitomizes the highest and most personalized care possible in greater Los Angeles. Our emotionally charged campaigns share human stories and accolades that demonstrate the superior care and compassion which every patient receives at Saint John’s.

The Results
As a result of our integrated multimedia campaign (radio, outdoor, print and digital), patient appointments and calls have grown dramatically. Advertising ROI is 300%. Saint John’s is the first hospital in California to win Health Grade’s “Top Hospital” award seven years in a row.