The potency of vision boards has been debated by countless entities such as Forbes, Psychology Today, HuffPost, and more. Despite the debate, one thing is clear, envisioning goals big and small is an important step in manifesting them. Once we have a goal in mind we’re able to discern the steps it will take to get there.

Taking this to heart, this month our team at Fraser Communications took time out of our busy schedules to create our own vision boards in response to the prompt, “Where do you see yourself in five years?”

Each team member had significantly different goals that reflected their personality. It was a great way to bond as a team while continuing to set our sights high as is the Fraser Communications way.

“It was fun to share what we envision for the future and I was surprised to see how much travel played a role for most of the Fraser folks. As I shared my vision board I realized how little I had actually thought about what I wanted for 2023. Now, I am picturing it much more clearly visualizing the future to find the right ways to make it happen.” – Renee Fraser, Ph.D., CEO, Fraser Communications


Renee shares her vision board for the next five years with the team.

“It’s very tough to objectively think about your future and map out certain goals that are always there at the back your mind but never get written down. This event was so helpful to really visualize my goals and where I want to be in the next five years. It was also an awesome reminder to keep adding fun to our lives!” – Jiya Jaisingh, Assistant Account Executive, Fraser Communications


Jiya displays her vision board to the team.

“The New Way to Live – Make It Happen” – Amitesh Krishna, Accounting Manager, Fraser Communications


Amitesh cheerfully holding up his vision board which features blissful destinations.

“It was great to take time out of a busy schedule to reflect and think about my vision for the future. Turns out, I see lots of creativity, peacefulness, and art. Oh, and libations will be plentiful.” – Mollie Bauer, Director of Consumer Engagement, Fraser Communications


Mollie happily displaying her vision board to the team.

“Creating our vision boards was so much fun. It was also a great way to step back and visualize our five-year goals so we can better work to achieve them.” – Erin Shinn, Media Planner, Fraser Communications


Erin excitedly describing her vision board to the team.

“Five years seems so far away but the older I get the more time flies. It’s so important to visualize the milestones and accomplishments before time slips away. I was grateful to have this moment to be mindful about the dreams that will shape my decisions for today and tomorrow. For me, these goals include creating art installations, camping in every national park, and traveling to every country.” – Jane Galluzzi, Executive Assistant and Social Media Manager, Fraser Communications


Jane working hard on her vision board.

“I love making vision boards! As a graphic designer I am very visual person and having a clear picture of what I want helps me achieve my dreams. It’s also fun to hang out without my coworkers and see their hopes and dreams.” – Elana Polan, Art Director, Fraser Communications


Elana showing off her vision board.

“We often get caught up in the details of everyday that it was really nice to take a moment and step back, look at the big picture, and visualize what we want for ourselves in the future. Who better to inspire you than YOU?!” – Danielle Jolie Thouin, M.C.M., Senior Account Supervisor


Danielle describing her vision board at the team building event.


The vision board team building event was a fun and beneficial break from our usual day. Besides offering us a chance to daydream it also brought us closer as an agency.


Fraser Communications Vision Boards Team Building

The Fraser Communications team shows off their vision boards.