Fraser connects First 5 California, Dr. Oz, Scholastic and UPS to launch Books Across America.

Fraser Communications knows the importance of a child’s first three years. Brain growth happens at lightning speed. The importance of parental interaction with their children is nothing short of a mandate for a healthy society. Inspired by the Talk. Read. Sing.® campaign developed with our client and partner First 5 California, Fraser wanted to find a way to get free books to lower income children across the country. This is the population that goes under served, and that falls behind in school and potentially gets in trouble later in life. Fraser and First 5 California were determined to get books to these children.

Dr. Oz to the rescue.

Sometimes, good things happen at just the right time. As Fraser was putting together the proposal for Books Across America, First 5 California Commission Chair George Halvorson was scheduled to appear on The Dr. Oz Show to be interviewed by four-time Emmy award winning Dr. Mehmet Oz. So now Fraser had a nationally known, interested authority to give the whole program the kind of exposure and legitimacy that turns ideas into movements. Dr. Oz was all hands and heart on deck, because, as George would tell him, this cause is THAT important.Books Accross America

And so today, May 25, The Dr. Oz Show will announce the book drive, “Books Across America,” and discuss the importance of early verbal interaction with children and its influence on healthy brain development and announce a generous donation of 1,000 books by Scholastic to kick off the drive.

Dr. Oz even made a book donation of his own. Click here to watch.

It’s a big country and UPS covers it all.

Fraser knew that a solution would need a distributor. Fraser contacted Noel Massie, U.S. Operations Manager, UPS and found an enthusiastic audience.

Massie said, “UPS is thrilled to play an integral role in this effort.” He assured that, “donating books couldn’t be easier – just bring them to any participating The UPS Store location.”

It seems UPS, like Fraser, is also a company interested in making the world a better place.

Getting books into deserving hands.Parent and Child Reading

Book collection in place? Check! Promotion ready to air? Check! Now Fraser needed a reliable source to receive and distribute the books to families with children in need. That’s where The National WIC Association came in. They helped us register over 750 Women, Infants and Children (WIC) clinics across 47 states to receive book donations and directly distribute to families participating in the Special Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

Time to crack open the books and Talk. Read. Sing.®

Books Across America typifies the vision and energy Fraser puts into their efforts with First 5 California. Great partnerships were forged. And, a cooperative program was put into place that will benefit the children of the United States of America in years to come.