Have you ever checked your phone while waiting in line at the store? Or maybe you’re as guilty as I am of browsing social media while at dinner with friends?

If these scenarios resonate with you, then it might not be a surprise to know that more than 51% of digital media time is spent on a mobile device, now making it the greater source for media consumption than desktop computers. In fact, as of 2015, Americans spend almost 5 hours a day on a smartphone – that’s enough time to watch Titanic and still have an hour and a half to spare! Our mobile devices have become a part of us – whether we like it or not – and the technology behind mobile ad serving is constantly improving to take advantage of our reliance to smartphones.

At Fraser Communications, we are on top of new ways to reach people on their phones, including the ability to locate mobile users in or around any specific location at the exact time they are viewing an ad. It’s called Hyperlocal Targeting, a development that enables us to be extremely granular in specifying where ads are served. From hospitals to department stores and even the local taco shop, there is no place too large or too small.

How exactly is this done?

Without going too deep into technical jargon, here’s a Cliff Notes version:

  • The user’s location is collected through mobile apps with the GPS enabled.
  • The data is then filtered in order to find the user’s precise location (primarily using latitude and longitude coordinates).
  • Ads are then served to those who are in locations that are being targeted.

Similar to the way Facebook and Instagram already know where you are when you check-in, hyperlocal targeting can serve ads based on your exact location as well. The enhancements in the ability to find a user’s location is revolutionary, but it only works if you have a great strategic plan and strong messaging to put it to use.

Here at Fraser, we recently devised and completed a very successful campaign for the LA County Department of Public Health that promoted healthy eating for children ages 0-5 in LA County. In order to convey the message of tips for healthy eating out, we used hyperlocal targeting to deliver tips to those in close proximity to Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs). The ad was delivered to mobile users who were near QSRs, and upon click, a mobile landing page opened up featuring 6 different healthy eating tips.

Our Choose Health LA healthy eating campaign showed a CTR that is 50% above the benchmark for mobile ads! Our healthy eating tips reached people when and where they were making meal decisions – much like a helping hand offering timely resources to make healthier choices when eating out.

By keeping up-to-date with the most recent trends in mobile technology, at Fraser we continue to look at new and innovative strategies that take advantage of just how much we rely on our mobile devices.

Image of Hyperlocal Targeting ad used for CHLA Restaurants

Mobile Landing Page used for CHLA Restaurants Campaign