As I approached another birthday, I sat at the beach contemplating how the end is so much closer than the beginning and I watched the surfers. They folded into the waves and gracefully dove into the surf. That was when I decided, I should try surfing. I have always wanted to try new challenges.

If we don’t take on new things that frighten us, I think we fall into complacency. And, in this time of rapid change that means going backwards. Change is a constant, but the pace is much faster now. Remember the Jetsons? I believe so much of those ideas are here now. Hover vehicles are around the corner. And on my birthday, I got a call while at a “new age” store (buying a re-birth candle – I will try anything) but it was a FaceTime call, so I picked it up and I was seeing Stella and Skye. No big deal to the helper at the store or me… I felt so Judy Jetson.

Renee Fraser Why I Learned to Surf Over 50So the surfing lesson started on cold Father’s Day. First thought – gee it is over cast and chilly, maybe I should back out. No! First lesson for me, don’t let your fear create fake excuses and obstacles. So down to the beach to meet Joaquin, World Cup surfer from Portugal. No laughter or excuses just happiness and confidence. We suit up in our wetsuits and we practice paddling and standing on the board in the sand.

Now we are in the water and the wetsuit makes it seem warm. As we walk through the waves Joaquin spots dolphins maybe ten yards from us. Amazing and another lesson. This is their home, I am just a visitor and I need to respect their world. The same goes for my clients – their home is their company and I will always be an outsider… so listen, learn and be respectful. As many of you know I am all about being bold but doing that with respect.

Renee Fraser Why I Learned to Surf Over 50So the surfing – all I can say is WOW! I paddle, lift up as we cut through the waves and watch them coming. They look much bigger and even Joaquin says these are bigger than they have been all morning. Sometimes in the middle of a challenge you get thrown a curve. With Joaquin’s steady hand he guides my board and off I go. Up on my knees and all the way into the shore! Now I have to stand up to surf. So out we go and sure enough I stand and fly… for all of 5 seconds then face plant in the water. Three more times… Joaquin says Renee you are looking down and that is where you go. Look up where you want to go.

This is my last and probably most important lesson. Keep your eyes up see where you want to be, your brain and body follow. Even if you don’t see it visualize it. I saw myself gliding gracefully and flowing with the wave and that was me on my last ride – it was beautiful. I was kneeling, but I was gliding with grace!