Social media can enhance our sociability, our choices, our decisions, our beliefs, and our purchases. When prepared properly, social media can make a dramatic impression on a wide array of audiences. Three segments develop the core of our clients’ social media marketing strategy: lead generation, brand awareness, and engagement management.

  1. LEAD GENERATION: Think about lead generation as the online commercial that leads customers to make reservations at a new restaurant. It gets people “to the door” and ready to purchase. Lead generation ignites an inquiry to buy, to use, to understand, and to enjoy. Technically speaking, lead generation is the creation of consumer interest into business items, services, products, series, specials, and more. Lead generation is imperative because it serves as the catalyst for an invested consumer.
  1. BRAND AWARENESS: Think about brand awareness as the way consumers select a party venue based on reviews. It gets people “to know value and to investigate a new opportunity”; brand awareness can inspire a quick purchase, prompt an inquiry, or reinforce long-standing customer commitment. Specifically, brand awareness is the primary goal of advertising. Brand awareness notes recognition of a particular product and prompts inquiry from potential customers, often expressed in a percentage statistic of the item’s target market.
  1. ENGAGEMENT MANAGEMENT: Think about engagement management as the interactions that perpetuate consumer commitment and prompt someone to rate a company online. It supports an entire organization’s processes in order to improve systems company-wide so that the best experiences prompt future business. Generally, engagement management is a broad net that includes client relations, quality assurance, prompt service, and project leadership. At its core, engagement management is an approach that begins with sales and ends with satisfaction.

Each segment of social media strategy is an important component of our successful approach. With all three of the concepts listed above, an effective and high impact social media campaign can: reach new customers, connect with varied audiences, increase marketing success, and transform business. Fraser Communications creates marketing that matters by growing brands daily.

Featured image from Seismic.