What do a Grammy-winning musician, a television host and comedian, and a Navajo transgender activist have in common? At some point in their lives, they were all challenged by events and realities that made it hard for them to cope. The Black Eyed Peas’ Apl.de.ap, comedian Suzanne Whang, and transgender activist Michelle Enfield joined with the LA County Department of Mental Health and Fraser Communications to tell their stories of trauma, anxiety, depression, substance abuse and the stigma associated with their struggles. The effort – called Profiles of Hope – seeks to build a bridge of empathy and to alert individuals and families to a network of support and care in LA County. Its mission is to reach out to those who suffer, and offer them a compassionate way to resiliency and recovery.

Fraser Communications is proud of our work with Profiles of Hope in creating compelling video content and other communication vehicles to help ease the pain of others.

View the videos of these brave individuals below for a brief glimpse into their stories. Full-length documentaries are featured on our custom site, ProfilesofHopeLA.com.

“I kept my diagnosis private. But then I was given 6 months to live. I had to learn to ask for help and love to receive It. “ – Suzanne Whang, TV Host, Actress and Comedian

“…If you put all your strength into getting through the dark tunnel, there will be a light at the end of It.” – Apl.de.ap, from the Black Eyed Peas

“We need the emotional strength to help us live and thrive in a world that is too often intolerant of others different from them.” – Michelle Enfield, Transgender Activist

“By sharing these videos, we hope more and more people come to realize it’s not only permissible, but also valuable, to talk about mental health wellness. We also hope that these stories, by humanizing such struggles and highlighting successes, will help to reduce the stigma associated with mental illness.” – Roderick Shaner, M.D., LACDMH Medical Director

Special Screening: Being Charlie

Our efforts for Profiles of Hope were shown at the special screening of Rob Reiner’s new film, Being Charlie, on May 2, 2016 in Beverly Hills. Dr. Drew made an appearance at the screening, and through Fraser’s special arrangements, interviewed Kathleen Piche (Public Affairs Director at LA County Department of Mental Health) live on his long-running radio program, Loveline.

Rick Springfield Concert

Fraser loves a great concert! Especially when we were able to arrange to show our videos before the concert and run 3 weeks of radio for Profiles of Hope leading up to the July 16, 2016 Rick Springfield concert at the Greek Theater. Rick is one of the profiles on the site, and we’re proud to support his talent and courage.