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Our Approach to Changing Behavior

We all get caught in loops. We develop habits and preferences – good and bad – and they’re hard to change. With the right approach, change is possible. Led by CEO Renee Fraser, PhD, we use research-based methods to get to the core of what makes people tick, create the communications to encourage behavior, and to increase purchase intent.



Find the Touchpoints

To change a negative behavior (smoking, drug use, sugary beverages) and replace it with a positive one, we have to understand how that behavior was normalized, the propaganda that made it so desirable, and the cultural attitudes that turns negative behaviors into dangerous habits. We have to “marinate” ourselves in the issue, and understand the resistance to change.

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Initiate Self Discovery

Bad behaviors occur when false information takes over both rational and emotional thought. We need to emotionalize the truth so it’s stronger than the false. Real, verifiable information and facts must be introduced in memorable ways so it can influence the decision-making processes. It will be rejected at first, as belief systems resist change, but, over time, these belief systems can be eroded, and then they can be replaced.



Inspire Hope and Desire

Out with the old. In with the new. If falsehoods are rationalized, truth must occupy the heart, because that’s the muscle that sparks change. We create compelling, emotionally rich communications and devise frictionless activities that show audiences just how easy it is to adopt new behaviors. We give them something to remember, a way out of the dark, or to shift purchase intent.

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Create the New Norm

The heart has integrity. The brain is a shape shifter. Behavior change needs constant reinforcement, as the brain avoids/resists change, while the heart welcomes it. In the digital today, there’s a wealth of platforms where truth can proliferate, information can be shared, and minds can be changed. And hearts made more happy.

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