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Account Service Intern: Three Tips for Success at an Advertising Agency

As my time with Fraser Communications comes to a close, I look back at this internship and realize that I have acquired some pretty valuable information that will stay with me throughout my marketing career. I’m confident in saying that it would not have been possible to have learned this much without these helpful tips that I have picked up along the way. If you are in my shoes, as a bright-eyed intern about to start an internship in account services, I suggest you follow these three tips.

Tip #1: Organization is key.

As an account service intern, it is imperative that you stay organized. You can be working on five to six different accounts in one day, which calls for a lot of organizational skills. Writing down what accounts you worked on, for how long, and what task you completed, not only helps you stay organized but also helps your supervisors track the overall progress on the account.

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Tip #2: Write down any words you have never heard before.

When I first arrived at Fraser, I was pretty sure everyone was speaking a foreign language, not in Spanish or in French, but in acronyms. It was one acronym after another; HHI, OOH, KPI, B2B, B2C, and many more. It was overwhelming. I was so lost and was missing out on important information, so I decided to take some advice from a movie I had seen a week prior to the internship, Molly’s Game. I was not planning on starting an underground poker scene at Fraser, but what I did find useful was to write down every word/acronym that I didn’t know. After a meeting I would typically have about 2-3 terms on my list and I would either ask my supervisor what they meant, or I would google it myself. To keep the acronyms in my memory I would write them down every morning for a week to ensure I remembered them, and this way I could keep up in important conversations about marketing.

Tip #3: Get out of the office.

This tip may seem a bit strange since these are tips relating to working at Fraser, but this one is especially important. The first week I was working at Fraser I would almost always work through my typical lunch break, being at either 12:30 or 1:00. After eating late on those days I would typically get a massive headache because I had eaten late or because I was staring at a computer screen too long. I knew this had to stop, so I decided to stop bringing lunch to work and would go out instead, what a bummer. I forced myself to go out of the office and take an actual lunch break. This immediately made my headaches go away and it was also an excuse to explore all the great food options near my work.

There are many other obvious tips I could have suggested like effective time management skills or note taking skills, but I believe these are unique and cover a wide area. As you begin working at Fraser just remember these few simple tips and I know you will be successful.

Your Lovely Intern,

Jake Hausman

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