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Clean Power Alliance Helps Underserved Communities

Over the past year, Clean Power Alliance (CPA)—the nation’s largest clean energy provider—has been working hard with Fraser Communications to help customers in underserved communities across the Southern California region gain access to clean power through their Power Share program. Through this equity -focused program, qualifying CPA customers receive discounts on their monthly electricity bill when they opt in to receive 100% green power with Power Share.

Combined with the State of California’s CARE/FERA utility assistance programs, CPA helped eligible customers save as much as 45% on their electricity bills.

As of this September, CPA and Fraser celebrated reaching full enrollment in the program. By opting into Power Share, over 6,000 eligible CPA customers saved money on their electricity bills and joined their community in reducing harmful greenhouse gas emissions that impact the environmental health and quality of life.

In a year of CPA’s Power Share program being fully enrolled, the program has so far:

  • Offset an estimated 16.4 million pounds of C02 greenhouse gas emissions
  • Avoid using the equivalent of 839,786 gallons of gasoline
  • Save the equivalent of 8,918 acres of US forests

Power Share reached full enrollment because of coordinated radio, mail, email, in-person outreach, social, and digital campaigns that meet customers where they are, focused on equity, and underscored the benefits and ease of enrolling.

Due to the program’s success, a waitlist for the program has been established and CPA will notify customers when they are added to the program. CPA is also ramping up its efforts to bring everyone aboard to participate in its Power Response programs, which Fraser will also support in helping every community become greener.

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