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The Importance of Measurement – The Fraser Way

Measuring the success of communications efforts can be tricky without first identifying the right key performance indicators. Strategic KPIs such as social media engagement, website traffic, media mentions, and sentiment of media coverage are helpful in providing insights into the effectiveness of a client’s communications strategy.

At Fraser Communications, measurement is at the core of what we do, these and other metrics are important to us because they show how well we’re communicating with our target audience and whether the messaging is resonating.

Recently, we partnered with the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health to launch a variety of paid & earned media campaigns that leveraged the power of measurement to help educate residents about the dangers of cigarette smoking, vaping, second-hand smoke, and flavored tobacco.

The Fraser Approach
From beginning to end, our campaigns included a variety of measurement tentpoles that help us gain insights and keep a pulse on its effectiveness. Then we establish KPI’s. The insight gathering and creative feedback are just the beginning:

  • Listening sessions to gather feedback from the community.
  • Continued partnerships with local community-based organizations to gather cultural learnings and input on messaging.
  • Measurement of website visits to gauge which content was working, and which was not.
  • Regular social media listening sessions to gauge engagement and social sharing.
  • Strategic meetings with leadership and stakeholders to ensure program was in alignment.

Our KPI’s reflect leadership goals and true behavior change:

  • Visits to the website for help
  • Social media engagement and sharing
  • Traditional media monitoring to track message awareness.

Gaining support from our media partners for added value.


Results Matter
As a result, we we’re able to optimize the our various tactics to ensure their effectiveness which resulted in:

  • Over 374M impressions delivered throughout the media campaign.
  • More than 189,400 users visited the LA QUITS website during our campaigns.
  • And approximately 841,000 (33% of media spend) of added value and outdoor override provided almost 153 million impressions at no-cost

It’s important to understand that there is no quick way to measure the success. Success requires commitment, deliberate thinking and planning, and a concerted team effort.

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