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Background & Goals

In 2022-2023, Fraser was contracted by Toyota and SiriusXM to create a national (US) digital campaign that would increase awareness for the RAV4 Hybrid and Camry Hybrid vehicles, as well as SiriusXM Subscription Platinum Plan Trial. The campaign aimed to reach at least 30 million impressions and appeal to a broad target audience across multiple social and digital platforms.

Additionally, we were tasked with creating PR & earned media strategies for both brands, while building brand affinity for Toyota and SiriusXM, and informing audiences about the vehicles’ lesser-known facts.

Audiences Reached

  • RAV4 Hybrid – adults living in the U.S. between the ages of 30-45 with a household income of $65,000 and above in market for a car, eco-conscious and/or financially savvy.
  • Camry Hybrid – adults living in the U.S. between the ages of 35-50 with a household income of $65,000 and above in market for a car, eco-conscious and/or financially savvy.

Messaging Strategy

The campaign was designed to highlight the benefits of hybrid technology and encourage consumers to consider these eco-friendly options when purchasing a new vehicle, while also promoting SiriusXM’s free trial offered to those who purchase a new Toyota vehicle.

The messaging was centered around the idea that “We Are ALL Hybrids” and it became the campaign’s main message. When we think of the term “hybrid”, it typically refers to a vehicle that combines two different sources of power, such as an electric motor and a gasoline engine, to improve efficiency and reduce gasoline emissions. In the context of the “We Are ALL Hybrids” campaign, the message was meant to convey that people, like hybrid vehicles, can draw strength from two different sources to achieve their goals and reach further distances in their lives.

The secondary message was “When you’re a hybrid, anything is possible” and was created to support the main message and retarget the target audiences that engaged with our ads. Being that every new Toyota is equipped with a 3-month SiriusXM Platinum Plan trial and the platform is available on the vehicle and on the mobile app, helped to reinforce the campaign’s hybrid message that hybrid technologies are all around us and can help improve lifestyles.

Leaf Icon What We Did: Influencer Partnership

We partnered with Katya Echazarreta, an electrical engineer and citizen astronaut, on this campaign to help amplify the campaign’s message. As the first Mexican-born woman to enter into space, Katya was an ideal spokesperson for the campaign and her personal story helped add credibility and authenticity to the campaign’s message. By featuring her in the campaign’s videos, landing page, and creative, we were able to highlight her hybrid qualities and show how they have helped her achieve success in her career and personal life. Katya is an example of how anyone can tap into their unique strengths and abilities to achieve their goals and reach further distances.

In the creative, Katya called out the RAV4 hybrid, Camry Hybrid, and SiriusXM’s lesser-known facts, tying it back to the campaign’s messages and positioning Toyota’s hybrid vehicles with the power and performance of a gasoline engine and the efficiency and environmental benefits comparable to an electric vehicle. On that same note, SiriusXM was positioned as a hybrid technology that’s available on the app or in the car.

Leaf Icon What We Did: Paid & Earned Media

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, Fraser was able to adapt to changing market conditions and consumer behaviors. We demonstrated agility by identifying a message that would resonate with the target audience and developed a marketing strategy that supported the strengths of Toyota and SiriusXM that could extend beyond the 4-weeks campaign for many years.

Quick Highlights

  • The campaign generated more than 169,892,332 million total impressions
  • More than 7,164,756 million video completions were delivered during the campaign.
  • Fraser designed the first interactive filters on TikTok and Instagram for Toyota

Campaign Elements

  • Website landing page for “We Are ALL Hybrids” campaign
  • 83,692,332 social and digital impressions
    • Google Display Banners
    • YouTube pre-roll ads (skippable 60-second video and unskippable :15-second video ads)
    • Facebook and Instagram ads, static images, videos, and animated gifs
    • TikTok :15 second video ads
  • Press release – 47,600,000 million impressions
  • MAT release – 38,600,000 million impressions
  • Interactive TikTok and Instagram Filters (first-ever for Toyota!)
  • Influencer partnership with Katya Echazarreta
  • Influencer partnership videos

Website Landing Page

New Toyota landing Page ORH92 S1

Digital & Social Media

Leaf Icon Results

By featuring Katya, the campaign was able to showcase the power of hybrid qualities by demonstrating how they can be used to achieve success and go the distance. Similarly, both the RAV4 and Camry Hybrid offer drivers the ability to reach longer distances on a single tank of gas. Fraser was able to successfully present how the RAV4 Hybrid and Camry Hybrid embody the same principles of strength, efficiency, and innovation that are significant when achieving success, helping you go further in life.

The campaign generated more than 7 million video completions, which is a testament to the effectiveness of our digital campaign in reaching and engaging with the target audience. The campaign demonstrates how digital campaigns can be equally effective or more suitable than traditional TV campaigns with larger budgets. Fraser successfully reached a wider audience at a lower cost, while offering greater flexibility and customization to drive user engagement and turn around higher conversion rates. Our team monitored the data analytics closely and were prepared to make modifications to maximize the campaign’s effectiveness.

Fraser saw a significant increase in total impressions compared to last year’s Toyota hybrid campaign exceeding the total impressions by 1020%.

The core message of this campaign “We Are ALL Hybrids” has a universal appeal that can resonate with an array of audiences across various geographic locations, ethnicities, gender, ages, and professional backgrounds. The campaign’s message can be used to create additional campaigns that feature different campaign ambassadors who embody hybrid qualities, while tying it back to Toyota’s vehicles and SiriusXM subscriptions trials.

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