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We needed to prevent the devastating use of meth. To do that, we had to speak to the reasons why people use, warn them of its unparalleled addictive qualities, develop messages that were compassionate, not stigmatizing, and provide the resources and support they need to stop using, while encouraging users to seek treatment.

What We Knew

Meth is cheap and hugely addictive. It floods the brain with dopamine more than any other drug, and the brain will begin to crave a return to that sensation. What might appear as harmless use in a social atmosphere can escalate into a dangerous addiction.

What We Did

To inform our efforts, we did an audit of existing communications, conducted extensive research with both users and members of community organizations, probed motivations and desperations, and the barriers to seeking care.

We created campaigns and tested those with the target audience, produced all communication elements across all platforms to increase reach, and provide community organizations with materials to support their efforts.

Prevention Campaign

Recovery Campaign

Leaf Icon Results

  • Over 189 million impressions, with 2.5 million completed video views.
  • $620,882 of over-delivery, it added value (83% of media spend) which provided over 87.7 million impressions at no added cost.
  • Post evaluation surveys showed that across target audiences, campaign awareness was associated with greater endorsement of targeted beliefs and likelihood of taking actions to learn more or educate others about the dangers of meth misuse. Using regression models, those who were aware were 1.5 to 13 times more likely to take these actions.

We truly appreciate the creativity, dedication to perfection, and all the great counsel that you provide. Fraser gets emotions and how to change behavior.

— Rachel A. Tyree, Communications Director
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