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Convert/Win-back/Retain Hyundai owners who have lapsed, are 2nd and 3rd owners, and/or have never been to a Hyundai dealership for service. Grow dealer appointments for service via the custom Hyundai Assurance Car Care landing page using organic and paid search. Grow dealer appointments via custom landing page using paid social posts, paid search, and educational articles. And strengthen the national digital presence for Hyundai Assurance Car Care.

What We Knew

All too often, car owners of older model cars don’t use dealerships for service because they think it’s too expensive, there’s too much upsell, or they don’t have a trusted mechanic. To overcome that, we had to find the right communications to get the dealer’s service calendars booked. But we had an ace in the hole: Hyundai is known for customer service. Once a skeptical customer showed up, we could win them.


What We Did

Established three national seasonal events to provide focus: Car Care Days (June-August) and Tire Promotion (March/April and October-November) and reassured with COVID-19 Clean Assurance messaging. We filled the landing page with information about car ownership to inform about expertise, the quality of authentic Hyundai parts and other relevant marketplace services. We created digital ads/social posts with different communications across brand, lead-generation and promotions. Some of the highly successful messages featured the Hyundai Dogs, and spoke to the love that owners had for their Hyundai. Each message appealed to a different mindset of different customers, but stayed focused on the regard they had for their car versus trying to sell them service.

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What Happened

The “Love Campaign” is one example where our success was off the charts:

  • Booking over 540 appointments in 22 daysvia the custom landing page.
  • All of our campaigns saw click thru’s and shares ranging from 22% - 40%, an extremely high metric.
  • More important, across the board, over a very short amount of time, ROI to dealers was over $1.6 million.
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