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Leaf Icon Smoking Cessation

Los Angeles Department of Public Health

For the County we created campaigns focusing on quitting smoking, the impact of secondhand smoke, the dangers of menthols, and anti-vaping. For our Never Stop Quitting campaign we normalized the act of quitting, in hopes that one of those attempts would stick. For secondhand smoke, we focused on the increased risk of serious illness, especially in babies, when exposed to secondhand smoke through vents in homes and apartments. The campaign encouraged LA County residents to seek out additional resources about secondhand smoke and take actions to reduce it in their communities. For menthols, we turned cigarette ads back on themselves for the historically targeted Black and Latinx communities. Vaping presented another set of issues, as it was early promoted as a ‘safe’ alternative to cigarettes. For this campaign, we engaged LA County students from the ages of 12-19, parents of teens, and content creators to help spread our anti-vaping message. As new data continues to emerge, our efforts will evolve.

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Never Stop Quitting

Secondhand Smoke

Menthol Awareness


Leaf Icon Teen Cannabis

Los Angeles Department of Public Health

With the legalization of cannabis in California, Fraser was charged with informing, and creating discussion among teens as to its use and abuse. We had to say No! to ‘Just Say No’ and to find ways to get teens to delay experimentation until they were past the key years of brain development. We also conducted working sessions where LA County teens could tell their stories and create ideas their peers would respond to.

Leaf Icon Valley Fever

California Department of Public Health

The state of California wanted to alert and inform vulnerable communities as to the reality of Valley fever. It can be devastating to communities with farmworkers, that have ongoing construction projects, or where wind makes the topsoil airborne. It’s complex, so we did an ominous simplification of the science to heighten the dangers and developed digital and outreach materials for the hard-to-reach audiences.

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Leaf Icon Lead Remediation

Los Angeles Department of Public Health

Lead can be found in chipped or peeling paint, on surfaces including toys, and in cosmetics among other places, is extremely dangerous, and can affect anyone. We developed Lead Free Homes LA, a free Los Angeles County program designed to remove lead paint hazards from the inside and outside of residents' homes. The program moves across LA County and is available for tenants, renters, and homeowners living in homes built before 1951, with children under the age of 6 that live or visit the home regularly, or pregnant women. Our promotional materials are created in threshold languages and supported by community service events and outreach teams.

Additionally, we also developed materials for the CDC’s Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program (CLPPP) to inform audiences about the dangers of lead poisoning and early prevention strategies that can help prevent serious developmental and behavioral issues later. We run an annual campaign during Lead Poisoning Prevention Week that alerts residents about free and low-cost blood lead screenings available throughout LA County.

Leaf Icon Opioid Addiction

Los Angeles and California Departments of Public Health

For both LA County and the state of California, we created campaigns to help change behaviors in regard to opioid use disorder. For LA County, an awareness campaign dramatizing the seriousness of the “epidemic,” and how an addiction can “happen” to you or a loved one; for the state, an empathetic approach to help older citizens out of the rabbit hole created by the addictive nature of prescription opioids for legitimate pain. For each audience, we had to represent hope.

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We truly appreciate the creativity, dedication to perfection, and all the great counsel that you provide. Fraser gets emotions and how to change behavior.

— Rachel A. Tyree, Communications Director
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