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For as long as Fraser Communications has been in business, we have been helping hospitals, insurance companies, and health providers outreach to the communities they serve. Our earliest success was with Cedars Sinai, where we rebranded them by highlighting the research and “firsts” they were achieving. To bring it home, we created the tagline, ”Leading the Quest for Health” that was expressed in print, outdoor, and radio. Below is a small sampling of our more recent efforts for our clients.

Leaf Icon Health Net

Health Net is one of the nation’s leading insurance companies and a California leader in government-sponsored health plans, with expertise in serving both Medi-Cal and Medicare members. They came to us in 2020, mid-pandemic, to help them prepare outreach materials to customers, internal sales, HR professionals, and partners to introduce new programs and help them prepare for a “post” pandemic world. We worked with them to create sales tool kits, outbound emails, presentation PowerPoints, and short films to use across their network.

Leaf Icon WISE & Healthy Aging

WISE & Healthy Aging is a community-based, nonprofit organization that advances the dignity and quality of life of older adults through leadership, advocacy, and high-quality, innovative services. As a trusted expert and influential voice on aging, they needed their brand to share the same qualities. They partnered with Fraser to create a new logo that was completely different – something more modern, vibrant, and minimalist, and that also adhered to ADA requirements. Our approved concept focused on the notion of nature, people, and community. We leveraged a tree, sprouting from the "i" in WISE, to represent life, growth, wisdom, and prosperity.

Logodisplay Wise 3

Leaf Icon Saint John’s Health Center

As one of Southern California’s leading community hospitals, Saint John’s was known for their compassionate, high-level care. But they also had a team of world-class surgeons, physicians and researchers and our mission was to get them known for that also. To expand on what was already good, we expressed Saint John’s cutting-edge research and clinical expertise offered in an intimate and caring hospital setting. That position is exemplified through the tagline, “Breakthrough Medicine. Inspired Healing.” a key signature for all of Saint John’s communications.

Leaf Icon Encore 360

We rebranded Encore Wellness & Weight Loss as a modern and vibrant company encompassing both their individual weight loss program and multifaceted corporate program. Founded in 2011, Encore emphasizes healthy habits and provides sustainable techniques that improve participants' ability to maintain life-changing behaviors with their 360° approach to diet, nutrition, and mental health.

Encore Mock Up1

We have been extremely happy with Fraser’s fact-based research, listening to the voice of the customer and creativity. They have a first-class team, and I highly recommend them for your advertising, digital and marketing materials.

— — Tammy Tucker, Senior Vice President, Commercial Sales
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