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We are passionate about using research to make a difference, especially in education, where our work helps shape young minds. We have had the honor of working with an array of schools to include universities and other educational organizations. Dependent on each partner's need, we've collaborated and conducted in-depth research, defined brand positioning, created strategies, helped with enrollment, shaped curriculums, developed full creative campaigns, and produced various marketing and advertising materials. A few of the educational clients we have worked with include Alliant University, UCLA School of Law and UCLA Extension, USC, LMU, the Archdiocese of Los Angeles Catholic Schools and the Early Math Project.

Alliant University

For professional curriculums offered by Alliant, we created a humanistic strategy that stated that people pursue a profession based on the memories of events or heros from adolescence, and how Alliant would take those passions and turn them into professions. It was highly effective and overwhelmed their online admissions.

Archdiocese of Los Angeles Catholic Schools

As ADLA Catholic Schools were concluding their school year, they wanted to be proactive in raising awareness in the Los Angeles region about the benefits of a Catholic School education and its accessibility to all in the community. After conducting interviews and doing further research, we learned that many parents and caregivers have preconceived notions about Catholic Schools – from cost to academic offerings and class size. To help reshape those views and communicate the true value of a Catholic School education, we developed the "Discover Something Better. Discover Catholic Schools." brand campaign.

The campaign focused its efforts on the benefits of Catholic Schools – affordable tuition and tuition assistance to those in need, a safe and welcoming learning environment, smaller class sizes, a high quality and values-based education, and stellar high school graduation rate – a place where students can truly thrive. The goal of the campaign was to help community members locate and reach out to their nearest Catholic School to learn more about enrollment and tuition assistance, and ultimately choose Catholic Schools. Elements of the campaign include radio, outdoor, and digital media.

CCFLA 2023 Billboard

Early Math Project

As the Early Math Project moved into a critical growth mode, the need arose for a strong brand platform. To help promote awareness of the importance of math in early education, and to foster an appreciation of mathematics with caregivers, educators, and other organizations, Fraser partnered with the Office of the Fresno County Superintendent of Schools to develop a new brand identity for this initiative. Elements included brand positioning, a new logo, tagline and style guide, and key messaging.

CPE Logo portfolio


UCLA offers exceptional continuing, lifelong, and professional education to empower individuals to expand their professional skills, enhance career opportunities, and enrich their lives through diverse fields of study. To help UCLA Extension drive course enrollment during key time periods, Fraser created interactive digital display ads to reach key target audiences who want to invest in themselves and become marketable and valuable to prospective employers in a highly competitive and constantly evolving job market.

Alliant International University

It is such a pleasure working with Fraser. I appreciate your dedication, authenticity, and attention to all the details. As your client, I feel -- and know -- that we are in excellent hands!

— Erica Nogueira
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