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While much of the nation’s attention is centered around the opioid crisis, methamphetamines continue to ravage small, rural communities across Missouri. Once known as the meth capital of the world, the state of Missouri put state and local laws in place that have significantly reduced local meth manufacturing (i.e., home meth labs). Even with these efforts, meth remains a problem in Missouri and is one of the most addicting and dangerous drugs in circulation today.

To provide support and resources to the community and help prevent meth use among 20-30-year-olds across the state, Fraser Communications partnered with the Missouri Institute of Mental Health to develop the “NoMOMeth” campaign. The focus of the campaign was hope and is centered around real-life stories of individuals who were affected by meth. The hub of the campaign,, hosts a collection of emotional, short-form documentaries featuring fellow Missourians.

To further engage with our target audience, Fraser created a NoMOMeth digital toolkit for Prevention Resource Centers to access on a local level. The kit features a complete set of engaging social media content, including bite-sized videos and social media posts, plus digital banners, out-of-home executions, and collateral.

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No M Ometh 2023 Billboard
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