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When the California Department of Insurance asked Fraser to develop a multi-faceted marketing and advertising campaign for the State’s Low Cost Auto Insurance program to help generate awareness & increase sign ups, we were up for the challenge. We wanted to create something that was informative, provided a sense of safety, security, and peace of mind, and most importantly, that would resonate with our target audience in a fun, clever and attention-getting manner.

Enter Sequoia the Bear! Our character-driven idea centered around the iconic bear on California’s flag. This beloved bear, even when not uttering a word, became our charming, friendly, and persuasive spokesperson. She sells the idea of state-sponsored, low-cost automobile insurance in an approachable, warm, and friendly manner. This campaign brings a playful touch to a serious subject, making the campaign both memorable and relatable for everyone who sees it, not just our core target market.

The Story of Sequoia the Bear

Sequoia’s great-great-grandfather, “Monarch," was not just any grizzly, he was the illustrious bear chosen to grace the flag of California. As a youngster, Sequoia always dreamed of leaving her mark on the Golden State, just like Monarch. When Sequoia grew up, she noticed families of tourists driving through the forest in their remarkable contraptions known as automobiles. Sequoia’s mama-bear instincts kicked in and she felt a passionate desire to offer protection to these loving parents and their little human “cubs.”

To fulfill her calling, Sequoia became the Spokes-Bear for the California Department of Insurance's (CDI) Low Cost Auto Insurance (CLCA) Program. Sequoia now stands tall as a symbol of reassurance, extending a helping paw to drivers throughout the state, ensuring that they can traverse the highways with peace of mind, knowing that their auto insurance needs are met.

Sequoia Living Her Best Life

CDI 2024 Billboard

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