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Leaf Icon Alliant University

For professional curriculums offered by Alliant, we created a humanistic strategy that stated that people pursue a profession based on the memories of events or heros from adolescence, and how Alliant would take those passions and turn them into professions. It was highly effective and overwhelmed their online admissions.

Leaf Icon Ontario International Airport

To support this active and ambitious airport, we did everything from a new logo to a slogan that communicated how easy it was to fly in and out of Southern California at Ontario. Our efforts coincided with the growth of the Inland Empire, and were successful in making Ontario the fastest growing airport in the US. We also provided communications to their carrier customers, to drive more business to Ontario.

Leaf Icon Water Conservation

Fraser has long been involved with issues of water conservation, working with H2O4LA, Municipal Water District of Orange County, Mesa Water, West Basin Water District, LADWP, and Metropolitan Water District. Our expertise is in changing behaviors as they affect this most precious of resources. A few examples of our work can be seen below, including the “bewaterwise” campaign, which is still in use today.

Metropolitan Water District

Municipal Water District of Orange County


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Alliant International University

It is such a pleasure working with Fraser. I appreciate your dedication, authenticity, and attention to all the details. As your client, I feel -- and know -- that we are in excellent hands!

— Erica Nogueira

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