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In a world filled with unprecedented challenges, parents are struggling more than ever to feel confident in their parenting. More than anything, they want to ensure that their kids have the mental, emotional, and behavioral support and skills they need to succeed. Enter BrightLife Kids – a program that is entirely paid for by the State of California to support California’s kids. The goal is to give kids and families the opportunity to receive expert behavioral health support in an easy-to-access, digital format, all at no cost. All California families with kids ages 0-12 qualify for BrightLife Kids, regardless of income.

Parents can now tap into free, 1:1 virtual support with credentialed behavioral health experts, plus access a library of multimedia recourses, tips, and wellness exercises. From building kids’ confidence and social skills to navigating ways to deal with anger and worry, BrightLife Kids offers the tools families need throughout every phase of childhood. Fraser’s longstanding, successful campaigns for First 5 California and other clients piqued BrightLife Kids’ interest in working with us to unveil this exciting program to the public – and the rest, as they say, is history.

Creative Approach

The campaign was created and centered around the messaging strategy that BrightLife Kids gives you the mental and emotional tools you need to help your kids flourish and handle all the big feelings that come with growing up. We wanted to instill a sense of partnership, trust, optimism, and the “you got this, we’re here to help” feeling in our creative approach. So, we went to work, developed a range of creative concepts, and went into testing.

Research showed that the idea of "tools" was very well received by parents and caregivers. The notion of tools emphasized that BrightLife Kids gives parents a complete toolbox of strategies to help their families cope with unique situations, everyday challenges, milestones – in other words, all those pivotal moments in life that invoke big feelings. ​

The creative idea centered around "all the feels" by sharing "all the scenarios", and evolved into the campaign tagline, “All the tools for all the feels”. We leveraged captivating imagery depicting realistic scenes in everyday moments, with both parents and kids, and developed copy that drew on those moments to bring the creative campaign to life. The campaign is backed by a year-long, multi-faceted paid and organic media strategy & plan to help reach families throughout the state of California.

Objectives & Campaign Launch

BrightLife Kids launched on January 6, 2024. The goal of the multimedia, multilingual campaign is to build statewide awareness and trust in the program. While it is too early to post results of the campaign, we are already seeing month-over month increases in landing page engagement and account sign-ups.

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