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Develop and implement a persuasive educational campaign statewide and zip code targeted to seven regions across the state of California. The campaign educates and motivates Californians from low-income backgrounds to file their taxes and claim the state California Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) who also may qualify for the Young Child Tax Credit and the Golden State Stimulus.

What We Knew

Research with our target audience informed the creative, identifying imagery that was relatable, and invoked trust. This included using a wide range of real people with relatable occupations across a variety of age groups. The research also informed our messaging which concluded that the more direct and informative the creative was, the more likely people were to visit the website. Messaging related to saving money and recognizing these individuals’ hard work resonated well across all focus groups. Multilingual creative was developed and produced in multiple sizes and lengths.


Digital & Print

Leaf Icon Results

Golden State Opportunity’s goal was to reach 700,000 website page views.

  • Fraser’s campaign generated 1,956,861 page views - almost 3x more than the original goal.
  • And more importantly, more than 4.27 million California households with 6.65 million individuals, including 1.91 million children and dependents claimed $1.25 billion from the CalEITC and Young Child Tax Credit.
  • Additionally, over 10 million households received more than $7.84 billion from the Golden State Stimulus.
Golden State Opportunity

Fraser understands how to reach people and move them – translating messaging research into meaningful creative and targeting media that helped us connect with our hard-to-reach audience.

— Jennifer Webber, Interim Communications Director
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