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A Piece of Advice from an Account Services Intern

For those who have watched The Office, do you remember the episode where the company hired three summer interns? At the very end of the episode, one intern had summed up their entire internship experience by saying “Oh, I guess I didn’t learn anything”. Although a very funny episode, these interns had absolutely no takeaways from their experience. Don’t be like these interns.

The reason I bring up the iconic show, The Office, is because my internship experience at Fraser Communications was far from the experience of the interns at Dunder Mifflin. As an Account Services intern, I had the opportunity to learn more about the world of advertising and marketing. My responsibilities included assisting the Account Services Team with the daily servicing of their clients, including Lexus, Ontario International Airport, and the LA Department of Public Health. I learned so much from the many projects and campaigns I worked on throughout my internship. There are a few takeaways I got from this internship that I believe is helpful advice for anyone starting an internship in any industry:

Ask Questions Even When You Can’t Think of Any

Always ask questions. This should be applied from the moment you step into that interview to the moment you cross the finish line. I know it can be tough to ask question, even if you don’t have any. I wanted to go into my

internship proving that I was already knowledgeable about the advertising industry. This was just not true. I didn’t know everything and the only way I was going to get the most out of my internship was by asking questions. Asking questions, no matter how big or small will make you look like an employee who cares and who is eager to learn.

Be Engaged

Keep yourself engaged. If you’re starting to lose interest in what you’re currently doing, I challenge you to ask for more. Ask for new project, ask to sit in on meetings, or listen to client calls. Chances are, your boss will be more impressed with your interest in learning more than what they are already offering you.

Know Your Worth

It’s perfectly normal to feel nervous when starting a new position at a company, especially an internship. But, don’t let that fear overpower the amazing qualities, skills, and value you bring to a company. You were hired for a reason, so be confident in what you bring to the table and show the company they were right in hiring you.

Whether you have an internship with Fraser Communications or any other company, go above and beyond their expectations. You never know what opportunities could be waiting for you at the end of your internship.

Your Appreciative Intern,

Vanessa Hernandez

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