This summer at Fraser we had three interns representing Gen Z. These teenagers (18,18,16) participated in our creative workshops and helped us develop content for their peers regarding facts about marijuana. Here are two of our final spots.

Gen Z includes people aged 15-24, and at Fraser we are fortunate to have the perspectives of the whole spectrum, from Gen Z to Baby Boomers. I’ve seen big differences between those in their 20’s and the teens, primarily how fiercely independent Gen Z is compared to Millennials who enjoy group activities immensely.

Gen Z at Fraser Communications

Our Gen Z summer interns with Ben Brackett, Management Supervisor (left) working on the cannabis campaign.

I am constantly impressed by the teens, and at how resilient and positive their attitudes are. It gives one great hope for the future. They come from tough backgrounds here in LA, but all 3 of them are excited about going off to college and working towards truly changing the world. One plans to be a motivational speaker to help other kids who come from troubled homes — she is writing a book and building her influencer base. Another is developing a YouTube news program for teens by teens, sharing their take on the world and another is an advocate for mentoring kids in tough family situations.

I admire the fact that there is no bitterness in them toward their situations. Instead, they see their circumstances as a vehicle to propel them into a better future. They are industrious, ready to learn and have no signs of entitlement. As part of our efforts to learn from them, they shared their favorite commercials with the team at Fraser. Surprisingly, the recurring theme was nostalgia. They long for the comfort of their childhood because they see so much turmoil and trouble in the world they face and are not happy with the world we have created for them.

While our generations are responsible for what they see, I am glad to know that they are not disillusioned by it. I am excited to see what they achieve, and I can’t wait to have more of them be a part of Fraser.

Written by Renee Fraser, Ph.D., CEO, Fraser Communications